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Endeavor Sports Performance
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Neeld Will Join USA Women's National Team for 4-Nations Cup

USA Hockey recently announced the final Women's National Team roster for the upcoming 4-Nations Cup in Sundsvall, Sweden, and Endeavor Director of Performance Kevin Neeld... Read More »

Track your progress for FREE with this important test

The only REAL way to ensure you're making progress is to track specific numbers over time. Getting in this habit also allows you to... Read More »

Endeavor to Host First Ever PRI Integration for Fitness and Movement

We're excited to announce that we will be hosting the first ever "Integration for Fitness and Movement" Course from the Postural Restoration Institute on October... Read More »

Training for Fat Loss The Right Way

This is Day 3 of your guide to sustainable fat loss. If you haven't yet, please read these two posts before reading the rest of... Read More »

The Truth About Fat Loss

Yesterday we discussed some of the best ways to rapidly shed fat in the new year. If you haven't read that yet, read it now... Read More »

Fat Loss Secrets

If there's one thing that most people understand, it's that combining an intelligent diet with well-designed training will lead to faster fat loss than either... Read More »

Endeavor's Matt Sees Competes at USA Weightlifting Nationals

In March of 2014, Endeavor Performance Specialist Matt Sees set his sights on participating in his first ever Olympic Weightlifting competition. Three months later he... Read More »

Endeavor Performance Specialist Matt Siniscalchi's "Why"

Inspired by Simon Sinek's book "Start With Why," each member of the Endeavor staff was recently asked to share why they pursued a career in... Read More »


Welcome to Endeavor Sports Performance!

Endeavor Sports Performance, at its core, is a company founded on helping aspiring athletes fulfill their potential.

Elite athletics are more competitive than ever, and as sports performance continues to evolve, so too must the preparation.

Today's athlete has a wide array of needs to help optimize his or her preparation, competitive performance, and recovery.

We take pride in offering products and services built on QUALITY to ensure our athletes have everything they need to be successful.

Our training system combines comprehensive functional assessment techniques with advanced age-, sport-, and individual-specific program design strategies to help you surpass your performance and body composition goals.

With an intent focus on teaching proper movement and exercise technique, our coaches help athletes address weaknesses and maximize performance in a safe, energetic environment. 

New to Endeavor?

Try our Developmental Program for a full 4-weeks for only $89!

Once you've been exposed to our program, we're extremely confident you'll both see and feel how training with us can help you take your game to the next level. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to get unlimited training sessions with us for 4-weeks for only $89!

Click here for more information: Endeavor 4-Week Trial

For teams, we currently have 1-, 2-, and 3-day/week training programs to fit your specific schedule and financial needs!