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Endeavor Sports Performance
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Additional Services


Endeavor offers a variety of additional services to help meet the needs of our current clientele as well as individuals traveling from remote areas.

Comprehensive Functional Assessment: $150

Our "Comprehensive Functional Assessment" includes undergoing a battery of assessments from the Functional Movement Screen, Postural Restoration Institute, other traditional orthopedic tests, and manual soft-tissue quality assessments to identify structural limitations and complex patterns that are limiting athletic performance. After being screened, clients are given a "Corrective Exercise" program to do at home and incorporate into their pre-warm-up routine.

Body Fat Analysis: $25 One Time or $40/Month Program Add-On 

Our "Body Fat Analysis" can be added to any Endeavor training program. This includes undergoing a bi-weekly 7-site skinfold assessment to identify body fat percentage, fat mass, lean mass, and specific areas of increased fat storage. All of this information is used to track progress in body composition and provide dietary recommendations specific to the individual's needs.

Team Consultation

Endeavor's Athletic Development Coaches are available to speak to athletic teams and organizations about any topics related to athletic performance and recovery. Prices are dependent upon group size, topic, and time commitments.