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Endeavor Sports Performance
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Performance INTERNSHIP

An internship at Endeavor Sports Performance will help you become a more effective Performance Coach by improving your:

  • Knowledge of exercises and when to use them within a training program

  • Ability to teach and coach a wide variety of exercises

  • Ability to analyze movement and recognize abnormalities

  • Understanding of common athletic injuries and how to train around them

  • Exposure to elite youth, collegiate, and professional athletes

Hear from former Performance Interns!

Interning at Endeavor allowed me the opportunity to learn more than I ever have at the undergraduate level.  It motivated me to continually learn from credible websites, DVD's, seminars, webinars, and research.  Because new research is becoming increasing available and there is an abundance of it, as strength coaches we need to stay updated in order to become the best coach we can be. 

Endeavor also has a purpose and science to back up every part of their unique effective program designSelf-myofasical release (foam-rolling) is significantly important in order to allow the muscles to move more efficiently while the dynamic warm-up follows a mobility + activation method which is mobilizing a joint through its full range of motion and immediately activating the joint through it's new found range of motion. 

It is more than just the typical strength and conditioning facility because it takes an individualized approach to each athlete/client to improve their weaknesses and to build upon their strengths.  They mix corrective exercises and activation exercises to get muscles firing that otherwise may not be because of bad postural patterns.

These are just some of the things they do that no other place is doing.  They are well-read, educated coaches who know how to apply coursework and make it practical to the strength and conditioning setting and provide an unbelievable reference library of exercises and information.”

-Matt Sinisclachi, Rowan University

"Interning at Endeavor was an amazing experience for me because I had the chance to learn about unique types of training and protocols that you don't see anywhere else

Endeavor is a facility for athletes where they're all trained according to their specific goals. I learned a lot about how to design, implement and modify individualized training programs for athletes in every sport.

What makes Endeavor stand out from other gyms and training facilities is the positive, high energy training atmosphere, and the extremely knowledgeable training staff who really understand how to train athletes.  Coming from Montreal, I have never seen a training facility like this before, and making the move to New Jersey to intern there was a no brainer for me."

-David Lasnier

"My internship at Endeavor was a great experience which helped me solidify my long-term career goals.  I gained a vast amount of knowledge through verbal instruction and also through hands on experience. It far exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend it for anyone who has even the smallest interest in pursuing a profession in superior quality sports performance training."

-Katie Wolf


Performance Intern duties & responsibilities include coaching:

  • Self-myofascial release using foam rollers, medicine balls, and tennis balls

  • Joint mobility and dynamic warm-up protocols

  • Plyometric exercises

  • Linear, lateral, and transitional speed development

  • Power training, including Olympic lifts and medicine ball throws

  • Lower and upper body strength training

  • Core training techniques

  • Sport-specific injury prevention exercises

Endeavor applicants are expected to have a passionate interest in sports performance and athletic development, feel comfortable interacting with clients, parents, and coaches, and maintain a professional appearance and conduct.

More than anything, Endeavor Sports Performance wants interns that are motivated, have an open mind, and are eager to learn.

If you are interested in a position as a Performance Intern, please completely fill out the Internship Application (below) and follow the included instructions on returning it to David Lasnier (Director of Performance).

Complete and return the form below: