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Endeavor Sports Performance
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Recovery Membership

One of the biggest mistakes people make in pursuing their training goals is overlooking the importance of recovery. Poorly managed recovery can result in unnecessary soreness and fatigue, which impairs performance and your body's ability to adapt to training. In other words, you feel worse and make less progress.

With our new Recovery Membership, we're excited to offer you a powerful recovery solution to help you maximize your performance and progress in our Far Infrared Sauna.

Experience the benefits of our Recovery Membership today!

Regular Far Infrared Sauna use is known to improve:

  • Cardiovascular endurance and exercise performance

  • Insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control

  • Chemical and heavy metal detoxification

  • Your body's temperature control (thermoregulation)

  • Release of key hormones that influence training effectiveness & recovery

  • Immune system health

  • Endorphin release and stress relief

Recovery Membership Pricing


Endeavor Member*





3-Session Package



Unlimited Monthly Pass



*Members include those currently enrolled in an Endeavor training service.

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