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Endeavor Sports Performance
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Semi Private Training


Our semi-private (small group) training is designed to create a high energy, result-driven environment, while maintaining the individualized attention that optimal development requires.


Comprehensive Assessments

Each client undergoes a comprehensive assessment, which starts with a “Movement Profile” designed to identify any limitations or imbalances that may increase your injury risk. This includes tests taken from the Postural Restoration Institute (PRI), Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), and Functional Movement Screen (FMS). Components of our assessments are used in every major professional sport and that are backed by research supporting the relationship between limitations and imbalances and future injury risk.

Clients then go through a variety of tests to create a “Performance Profile”, designed to both identify individual strengths and weaknesses and to serve as a baseline to track future progress.

Our Performance Specialists then use all of this information to create your individualized training program, specifically designed to help you achieve your goals in the most safe, effective manner possible.

Why assess?

  1. Create your Movement Profile to identify limitations or imbalances known to negatively affect movement efficiency and increase injury risk

  2. Create your Performance Profile to identify strengths and weaknesses, and track progress over time

  3. Provides the necessary information to design an individualized program based on your specific needs and goals

Individualized Programs

Each client comes in with a unique training status and background, health/injury history, and training goals.  As a result, even two clients with the same goal may require different strategies to achieve it.

For example, a 13-year old soccer player with no formal training background and a college basketball player returning from an ACL tear will have drastically different needs, even if both want to improve their speed.

Similarly, a working professional that hasn't been training at all and has a history of back pain, but wants to lose fat will require a different program than another professional that has been training consistently for 3 months and has no notable injury history.

In both examples, there are unique considerations for each client. Overlooking these will not only limit their progress, it can increase their injury risk.

Simply, designing you an individualized program will allow you to achieve your goals in the most safe, effective manner possible.

Why individualized programs?

  1. Ensures exercises and training strategies are safe for your individual Movement Profile

  2. Maximizes your progress by guaranteeing that everything you do is specifically geared toward helping you achieve your training goals

World-Class Coaching

One of the major keys to getting sustainable results from a training program is learning how to “move” and perform the exercises properly.

It's crucial that you are coached by a specialist that knows how to effectively teach/cue movement, and also how to make subtle adjustments based on your unique Movement Profile.

Our Performance Specialists all have a 4-year college degree, are Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), have thousands of hours of coaching experience, and put in countless hours of continuing education each year in an effort to constantly improve our methods.

This is not just a job or a hobby for our team; it's a passion.

You'll not only find confidence in knowing that your program has been strategically designed and professionally coached, you'll likely find that our team's commitment to excellence is contagious.

Why trust our Specialists?

  1. All Performance Specialists have a 4-year college degree, are CSCS certified, and have thousands of hours of coaching experience

  2.  Our team specializes in teaching efficient movement and exercise technique, quickly and safely.

Real Results

These are case studies from real clients illustrating results that can be achieved when consistent effort is combined with a quality training program!

                             Primary Goal: Build Muscle                    Primary Goal: Lose Fat/Maintain Weight

 Primary Goal: Improve Speed/Power

 Primary Goal: Improve Strength

Primary Goal: Improve Endurance


How do I get started?

Register for a program below and we'll follow up within 24 hours about scheduling your assessment.

Do you only train athletes?

No. While we're known for being a "sports performance" facility, we work with a lot of adults looking to improve their health/fitness safely and effectively, as well as a variety of recreational athletes looking to recondition following rehab. 

How long is a typical training session?

Training sessions differ based on the “target” of that day, but in general last from 60-90 minutes (shorter for in-season and/or recovery days, longer for off-season and/or developmental days)

How many days should I rest between sessions?

If you're training 3 days per week or less, it's ideal to have at least one day between training sessions. If you're training 4-6 days per week, our team will integrate recovery strategies into your program so you can train on consecutive days. If you have specific questions, please feel free to speak with one of our Performance Specialists.

What if I need to reschedule a training session?

No problem. Just call the facility to let us know you won't be able to make it and we'll reschedule at your convenience.

Register below to get started today!

Your Semi-Private Training Program includes:

  • A unique Movement and Performance Profile assessing for performance limitations and injury risk factors

  • Custom-written training program based on your individual training experience, needs, and goals

  • Individualized coaching in a high energy group environment from one of our Performance Specialists


Call us at (856)269-4148 or stop in to get started today!


Our Results Guarantee! At Endeavor, you aren't paying for our services, you're investing in your own progress. If you bring the motivation, focus, and determination, we'll provide everything you need to get the results you desire and deserve. If you follow our systems and aren't making progress, we will GLADLY refund 100% of your investment!

Length of training programs used in "Real Results" section: Muscle Gain (16-Weeks), Fat Loss (12-Weeks), 50-Yard Shuttle Speed (10-Weeks), Vertical Jump (18-Weeks), Lateral Bound (18-Weeks), Strength (18-Weeks), 50-Yard Repeat Shuttle (16-Weeks), 6-Minute Run Test (4-Weeks)