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Endeavor Sports Performance
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Professional Athletes

"I've trained at Endeavor since before my first year in the USHL. As a smaller guy, having the ability to create time and space has been crucial to my success. The program at Endeavor has helped me to develop the speed and quickness I need to compete at the highest levels, and the conditioning to continue pushing the pace late in games.  If you're looking to fulfill your potential on the ice, Endeavor is the place to help you get there."

– Johnny Gaudreau
2014 Hobey Baker Winner
2x NHL All-Star
Calgary Flames, NHL

"The Hockey Training at Endeavor Sports Performance has helped me reach goals throughout the summer that were beyond my expectations. Since Day 1, I have left the facility feeling stronger and more confident. The attention to detail and the workouts have made me stronger mentally and physically. After 3 months of training I can feel drastic improvements in my quickness and speed on the ice. I have never felt results like this in 5 years of training!

Endeavor is one of the only gyms in the world that has all the resources for me to improve every aspect of my game.

The coaching staff was great about changing my training program to accommodate my individual needs. I went through a serious tendon surgery in April that I thought would delay my training drastically. Following surgery, they set up a specific program for me that would not cause any harm to my thumb and still allowed me to get stronger and train for the upcoming season. In previous years I would train all summer and develop back pain that made it difficult to keep up with my program. At Endeavor I haven't had back pain all summer because of the extensive core work and strengthening of specific surrounding muscles. After a summer of hockey-specific lifting and conditioning at Endeavor, I feel like I am prepared to compete against professional hockey players.

Without Endeavor's passion for the game of hockey, education, and coaching experience I don't believe I would be where I am today. I can't stress enough how incredible Endeavor has been for me. I would highly recommend it to any athlete striving to play at an elite-level." 

– Eric Tangradi
Detroit Red Wings, NHL

“Throughout my professional playing career I learned that in order to play at my best, I needed the consistent guidance and wisdom of a great trainer. That is why I trust the staff at Endeavor with my development and happily point others to them as well. When it comes to sports performance, they are easily among the best.”

– Joe Crispin
Former NBA Player

"I've been fortunate throughout my career to train in some of the top strength & conditioning facilities in the US.  What separates Endeavor from the rest is not just the results I see in my performance from the personalized workouts I receive, but also in the fun-loving family atmosphere that they create.  They are just as invested in my development as I am, and their intensity to help me improve pushes me to new levels in my training and sport."

– Lori Lindsey
US Women's National Soccer Team

"Endeavor has the best facility, programs, and coaches around. If you play hockey and aren't training there, you're crazy." 

– James Van Riemsdyk
Toronto Maple Leafs, NHL

“After training at Endeavor for several years now, I can say, without a doubt, that I would not be playing where I am without their program. Hockey is a sport that is constantly changing and the Endeavor staff has mastered the ability to evolve the training programs to give each individual exactly what they need to perform at their best on and off the ice. 

The coaches at Endeavor have pushed me to accomplish goals that I didn't think possible. My speed and explosiveness, along with the conditioning on the ice was dramatically improved after starting at Endeavor. Their knowledge has helped in my training in ways I didn't know existed when first starting there. Along with great weight lifting programs they include corrective and prehab exercises to meet each individual's needs. These go a long way in keeping the players healthy and injury free during a long season. 

I believe Endeavor is at the top of strength and conditioning world. Their attention to detail and willingness to adjust to each athlete's specific needs is what puts them above all others. I recommend Endeavor to any athlete who is serious about playing at a higher level.”

– Buddy Robinson
Ottawa Senators, NHL

"Ever since I started working out at Endeavor, I have done nothing but get better. They taught me the right way to train, and emphasized proper form for everything from my mobility work to the lifts themselves. Every goal I've set for myself to translate on the ice, I’ve hit, and I give 100% credit to my off-season program. I won't train with anyone else!"

– Anthony DeAngelo
Arizona Coyotes, NHL

"There is a reason I made the four hour roundtrip drive to train with Endeavor during my off-season, and why I continue to rely on them to help me prepare for NAVY SEAL BUD/S.  Their innovative and scientifically-backed training programs helped bring my performance to the next level.  Not only did my overall athleticism and confidence improve, but their thorough knowledge of the body helped rid me of nagging injuries that have hindered my performance in the past.  I will continue to utilize Endeavor as a resource in any and all athletic endeavors that I pursue.  That their knowledge is now readily accessible online will surely benefit athletes at all levels throughout the world."

– Jack Walchessen
Former OHL Hockey Player

General Members

Matt, in action.
Matt, in action.

"I came to Endeavor Sports Performance looking to work with a knowledgeable staff who was willing and able to provide me with a personalized training experience.  What I found exceeded my expectations.  As a law enforcement officer, I recognize that physical fitness is important not only to me, but to the men and women I work with, and the people I strive to protect.  The staff at Endeavor was able to put together comprehensive training programs that took my unique needs into account.  They're not only top-notch coaches, they're also avid students, always seeking out opportunities to add new tools and techniques to their already-impressive list of abilities.  The crew at Endeavor Sports Performance have always been willing to go the extra mile to make sure I've been successful, and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who takes their training seriously – especially those in military and public safety careers who rely on fitness to bring them home safely at the end of the day."

– Matt, Federal Law Enforcement Officer

Finding the right workout regimen was a workout within itself. Whether I tried a new diet or researched the latest form of exercise; no matter which path I chose and however much time I dedicated, I found myself becoming more susceptible to injuries while never reaping the benefits. From the onset, the Endeavor coaches have not only continued to develop a customized training program that plays to my needs, but their diligence and patience is evident when making sure my movements and form are on point. Within a month of their instruction, not only did I see incredible improvements in my mobility, strength and body composition but that progress has continued all while staying injury free!  It is one thing to personally start seeing results but when your friends and family take notice, that’s what makes all the hard work so reassuring. The Endeavor staff is not only the best at what they do, but they create a comfortable, fun and friendly environment. This atmosphere is what makes me look forward to training, while striving to get the best results. I am grateful to have found Endeavor as they have made me a better me! 

– Linsey Levine

Parents, Coaches & Agents

“I asked Endeavor to come and work with our athletes at the Washington Spirit and they made an instant impact.  They were able to give points that immediately translated to the athletes and their movement patterns. They were able to help our athletes move and feel better.  To any athlete that is a big part of of the puzzle. Their wealth of knowledge combined with desire to keep learning make them a partner that would add value to any organization."

– Kris Ward
Staff Coach in McLean Youth Soccer

"Without exception, every player that I have advised to work with Endeavor has thanked me for doing so. They are the most knowledgeable strength/fitness specialists that I have met, and this is not an accident - they relentlessly keep themselves informed about current thinking and research, and how it applies to their clients."

– Alec Schall
Managing Director, Player Agency
LEGACY Global Sports

"The staff at Endeavor has completely transformed my son, Tim, as an athlete both physically and mentally.  Tim began working with Endeavor last year at 6'8 and 215 pounds. After 4 months, Timmy was 6'9 and 243 lbs., and had gained strength, speed and power that has enabled him to become a nationally recognized basketball recruit. What makes Endeavor such a tremendous program is their professional and scientific approach to training each athlete to their strengths, while also addressing injuries or weaknesses.  They use creative, effective and unique methods that produce quick results. Timmy emerged on the national radar simultaneously with Endeavor's support and training. He would not have achieved this without the dedication and inspirational support from the Endeavor coaches. We look forward to working with Endeavor to prepare Timmy to compete in the BIg East at Villanova in 2015."

– Jeanine Delaney

“My son, Harmon, started training at Endeavor Sports Performance over 2 years ago when he was 11 years old. Since that time, his ability to move properly and his strength and endurance have greatly improved. He is also demonstrating more confidence on and off the soccer field. 

My husband, Dave, and I have been so happy with Harmon's results, we decided to join Endeavor for very different reasons. I was looking for a lifestyle change which included weight loss, nutrition & overall healthy living. Dave has had many orthopedic injuries and had pain everyday.  With the knowledge and expertise of the Endeavor staff, I am reaching my goals and Dave is able to get up in the morning pain free!!

The desire and ambition to learn make these coaches top notch in the industry! Their unique training approach and development of individualized programs are beneficial to both athletic performance and those with personal training goals. 

We are proud to be a part of the Endeavor Family!!”

– Bonnie Nuss

"Since Brianna has been training with Endeavor Sports Performance her overall strength, conditioning and endurance have dramatically improved. As soon as the spring soccer season started we noticed significant improvement in her ability to move on the soccer field.

One of the most noticeable improvements was in her confidence. She was not only physically faster and stronger, but mentally she felt faster and stronger.

I would personally recommend Endeavor Sports Performance to anyone looking to improved the overall physical and mental conditioning of any young athlete. On top of that Endeavor has a first class training facility with some of the best trainers in the industry, not simply because they are certified, but because they care." 

– Paul Donahue, Head Coach Harrison SC Charge

"Our 11 year old son Dan has been training at Endeavor for the past seven months. He plays travel baseball and basketball and his athleticism and confidence has improved while training there. The training methods at Endeavor are age appropriate which is imporant to the development of young athletes.

Our son is very happy with the results so far and really looks forward to going to the gym. We have been very happy with the staff at Endeavor and highly recommend them." 

– Lorraine and Joe Tracy, Washington Township, NJ